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French Antique Vintage Oak Laiterie, Armoire, C 1750

An usual early oak Laiterie originating from the Brittany region of France, having been built circa 1750.

This piece would have originally been built to use as a food cupboard, hence the ornate pierced tin panels in the top of the doors, allowing air to circulate. The back must comprise of almost a whole oak tree, as it has been riven and not sawn, with only the interior face having been hand planed.

The Laiterie is mainly built from oak, but incorporates some chestnut, which is not unusual as the ebeniste or cabinet maker would have used the indigenous timbers at hand.

The dimensions are unusually petite for this style of piece and as a result it would be at home in either a period or more contemporary setting.

AN UNUSUAL AND UNIQUE EARLY OAK LAITERIE, the likes of which would now be extremely difficult to source.

Dimensions: 122 cm (48”) width x 196 cm (77”) height x 58cm (22.5”) depth. With cornice:136 cm (53.5″) width x 64 cm (25″) depth.

Price: £1480.00

French Antique Vintage Oak Laiterie, Armoire, C 1780

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