Project Description

An elegant set of early double bow back Windsor chairs with crinoline stretchers, built in a similar style to those by William Webb of Newington, Surrey C 1800. The seats and cabriole legs are in elm, with the backs and spindles in both ash and elm. The legs have a crinoline stretcher, giving the base solidity along with sophistication.

We found 5 original chairs in a pub garden in Hampshire, all being somewhat worse for wear, hence they had been thrown out. Each chair had broken or missing pieces, but we were able to salvage 3 chairs from the five. The fourth chair we found, is almost identical apart from a slight difference to the legs and the rear stretchers, however this is a 20th century copy, albeit crafted very well.

The period three chairs, along with the addition of the fourth later chair, make up a handsome set, which would be at home in a period or more contemporary setting.

Dimensions: 96 cm (37”) high x 61 cm(24”) wide x 44 cm (17.5”) depth

Seat dimensions: 52 cm ( 20.5″) width x 44 cm ( 17.5″) depth.

Price: £850.00 SOLD

English Vintage Double Bow Windsor Chairs, set of 4

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